Liquid Advance Loans Info (Closed)

Liquid Advance was a payday lending brand created by Yes Solutions Ltd who were based in London. They operated through that was setup back in the year 2007 and so they had been active for a long time. They never tended to focus much on advertising and so they did tend to fly under the radar in comparison to the top monthly lenders. The point when this company closed down is unknown, but it would have been sometime in the run-up to 2015 when all companies had to adapt their pricing to meet the cap. When active, the available sums of £100 to £750 could be received over a month.

There was a noted new user restriction at £360, although the closest amount to this that could be selected on application was £350. When it came to pricing there was interest and a transmission fee to pay. The interest charge on each £100 taken out was £35. The funding fee was £10 and this was taken away from the funds issued after approval. Each customer had to respond to an SMS message before the agreement could be put through. Payouts were processed between Monday and Friday only, but there was no noted times. There was a listed 4.30pm cut-off time though and so they would have likely closed at 5pm or 6pm.

The Liquid Advance loans could be securely managed through that came in a catchy purple theme. Whilst this experienced lender as noted didn’t focus too much on advertising, we believe that they were connected up with a range of popular brokers who would feed them leads through pingtrees. This would have helped to send plenty of business leads their way. Some of the closures that we have discussed on the site have been surprising, but when a lender like this has to massively trim down their costs it is always going to be tricky for them to adapt, especially when considerable amounts aren’t spent on web promotion.