JustLendCash Loans Info (Broker)


JustLendCash is the most popular brand belonging to Sandhurst Associates Ltd. This company is a loan broker based in the Blackpool area. The site used here is found at www.justlendcash.co.uk. Their homepage primarily serves up a large lead form whilst there is a little info below this and just a few buttons in the menu bar. The layout is very much focussed on collecting the lead. The likely source for the bulk of these leads is through SMS messaging that is the case with most of the companies belonging to the owner. Some other well known brands from Sandhurst includes 247 Funds, BrillBorrow, InYourSkyRocket, MobileLend, Lightning Dosh and LootKwik.

They have created an almost endless stream of trading names. These are listed on their FCA profile (their licence number is 641617). JustLendCash (or Just Lend Cash) is the most highly searched company of theirs. They have been active at www.justlendcash.co.uk since 2013 that was the same registration year across their other projects that we checked. Encryption is used on the application and there is an email and SMS opt out button. With the product itself, they list selectable sums of £100 to £50,000. For amounts between £100 and £1000 they ask for the loan purpose, but when you ask for more (up to £50k) the terms stretch to 25 years.

The likelihood is that they connect applicants to monthly payday lenders, whilst the larger sums/terms may just be included for the sake of it. No charge breakdown is provided with just a simple headed variable rate of 527% APR. They claim to be a CCTA member, although there is no way to verify this. On their contact page there is a form and a listed number of 0800 808 5541. We would assume that most people would have been introduced to this company via SMS after being declined by a payday lender who passed the applicant’s details on. Tide U Over was one such lender known to connect users (they themselves are now a broker).