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Last Update: September 7th, 2016

Established in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, with Honda’s current Japanese market share ranking them in the 3rd place where they follow Toyota (world’s #1) and Nissan. Their area of distinction is motorbikes where they do hold flagship status worldwide. They do again however face fierce competition from fellow Japanese brands Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Other than the central marque, there is a luxury division known as Acura that isn’t sold here in the UK. Only fiscal year data is provided for 2015 sales (ended March 31st). The tallies were 3.5m cars and 10.7m bikes. Outside of bikes, cars and the various power equipment supplies, this company has been busy with their ASIMO project (the world’s most advanced robot).

The Honda Motor Company has just the single local site crafted at The Honda finance deals and basic information on the plans can be found here, but there is no way to apply or no login facility to manage your plan. Unlike many of their local competitors, they don’t offer any low budget models. The cheapest offering within their range is the Jazz that starts from £13,495. The Civic Hatchback follows at £18,360 with variations including the Tourer (£18,585) and the Type R (£30,000). Brits can also buy the HR-V (£18,495), the CR-V (£22,775) or the NSX. The NSX price is not quoted, but this will be selling from approx £130,000.

Some readers may be familiar with the “Accord”, but this was scrapped from Britain in 2015. Honda’s best selling car of all-time is the Civic. Honda Finance is a trading name of Honda Finance Europe Plc that itself is based in the UK. It was established in 1996 whilst over in Japan they actually started up later in 1999. It appears that their first voyage into credit facilities was seen over in the United States in 1980 that started out for motorbike dealers. They offer 2 consumer credit plans for cars that includes Aspirations (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP). PCP carries a 48 month term and with HP we see the usual 12/60 spread.

With pricing there are 2 such rates headlined when browsing the new car offers at These rates were 0% and 5.9% that are each headed on PCP contracts. The 0% option was available on a listing for a Civic Hatchback (1.4 i-VTEC Sport Manual) and also on a Jazz (1.3 i-VTEC EX Manual). The remaining deals were all pitched at 5.9%. Whilst not being stated the corresponding HP deals are likely to priced the same. It was common to see deposit contributions made, typically between £500 and £3000. Finally, there are no contact listings for their credit department. Their main customer support is however available between Monday and Friday (8am/6pm) and on Saturdays (9am/5pm).