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Fowlers Finance

Fowlers Finance is a popular yet controversial used car dealer that was formed in 2010. Their head office is situated in Stoke where they also have a branch. Others are located in Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield, Stoke and the West Midlands. These are the locations that are centrally headed on, but they have historically had closer to a dozen branches (including workshops). It is a little confusing since they provide differing information on their network. The number of stocked cars sits just over 150. This company is authorised to lend as well as brokering, but they do generally bring in outside firms. These aren’t named, but they do use as many as 20 partners.

HP and PCP plans are briefly mentioned on the site and 48 months is set as the repayment. The only rates provided across the main displayed cars are 10.9% (good credit) and 19.8% (bad credit). It is likely that the general subprime rates would head closer to 50%. Poor credit has always been their target audience. Regardless of CCJs or past bankruptcy you can see acceptance here. The website did use encryption that has lapsed. When it was live, you did have to enter HTTPS manually. Opening times are matched at 9am to 8pm on each day of the week. We assume this covers both their call centre and outlets.

The web popularity of Fowlers Finance is very high for their age. They are quite notorious for bad press though. The best example of this was when they were featured on the Watchdog (Rogue Traders) feature back in May 2015. I’d be quite concerned that this show only went out in mid-2015. The general complaints surrounded their quality of motors and the unprofessional behaviour of their customer advisors. It does feel a little that they have been attacked on a few select cases here. They are very popular with more than 18,000 followers on Facebook. If they were as bad as they are often depicted then their licence would have been pulled long ago.