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Fords of Winsford

Fords of Winsford is one of the North West’s leading motor supermarkets established in the year 1959. They are well known through their abbreviation FOW that they use for their website at They have historically operated from the single giant Winsford showroom. However in September 2015 the news came through that they’d opened a 2nd showroom at the Trafford Centre. This was a popular location served by Carcraft who entered administration in 2015 and so this looks to have been the key reason behind this development. They have kept the same name rather than Fords of Manchester. On topic, they sell a diverse range of manufacturers, rather than just Ford.

There are now around 1700 cars in stock across their showrooms. It was pleasing to see that plenty of information is provided regarding the Fords of Winsford finance. They offer hire purchase or personal contract purchase plans with a total term range of 12 up to 60 months. Whilst it is stated that a few lenders could be used, Black Horse has always been their key lending partner. You can quickly apply for FOW finance through once you have picked out your car of choice. The interest example that we picked out came in at 11.8% APR. It is always worth checking out their Special Offers page that often contains some bargain buys.

The main dealership is open between Monday and Friday (9am/7pm), Saturday is (9am/6pm) and Sunday is (10am/5pm). At Manchester the times differ as Monday to Friday (10am/8pm), whilst Saturday is (10am/6pm) and Sunday has the same time of (10am/5pm). This dealer was already one of the North West’s leading motor dealers before their expansion. This new branch is not as spectacular as their vast main showroom. It is however situated in an excellent location that is made more attractive by the fall of Carcraft who had a firm grip on the region. It is going to be an interesting few years for this dealer, who at the time of writing had been filming a new TV ad.