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Last Update: September 8th, 2016

Henry Ford’s car business was established in 1903 that was the same year that Vauxhall would begin selling cars (they had started building pump and marine engines). Vauxhall is of course part of General Motors who are Ford’s main rival, with each arising from Michigan. Henry was initially reluctant to offer credit contracts. This handed the edge to GM who had took this very approach with GMAC in 1919. It wouldn’t be until 1959 that Ford Motor Credit Company Llc was formed. The UK equivalent (FCE Bank Plc) followed in 1963. FCE Bank is headed at, but we have added in the title as there is a Ford car finance login facility housed here.

When scanning deals you will be acquainted with the trading name of Ford Credit. On the global stage it is GM that currently has the edge over this marque as far as revenue, sales etc goes. The UK has however proved as one of Ford’s key hunting grounds with the Fiesta being the UK’s best selling car of all-time. It again maintained its leading status in 2015 and the Focus took the 3rd spot. The Vauxhall Corsa was nestled in between these. There are a few Ford Credit plans available that includes Acquire, Options, Options Cashplan and Personal Lease. Most customers run with Acquire or Options. Acquire is a HP plan (12/60) months and Options is a PCP plan (24/36) months.

For PCP, a 2 year term will see 0.9% and then as you move to 3 years the rate will rise to 2.9%. For HP, the 2 and 3 year rates were 2.8% and 4 years was 2.9%. There are times when you may need to pay more depending on the model. The new KA was for instance priced at 6.3%. Fortunately, when borrowing here you won’t need to throw down a deposit, although one would help to lower your monthly repayment. The Ford car finance can be applied for through and you can service your account. You could alternatively apply through your local dealership. As well as those franchised, they own their own chain called TrustFord.

The KA+ is their cheapest model from £8995. The Fiesta starts from £13,545 and the Focus from £16,245. The B-Max and EcoSport are a few further reasonably priced cars. More premium price tags are attached to such cars as the Galaxy, Mondeo, Mustang, Vignale etc. The Mustang was the fan favourite, but recent attention has passed on to the new GT that is expected to sell from £279,000. Some models include £1000 retail savings. Other than the main marque, Ford owns Lincoln and holds an 8% stake in Aston Martin and a 2.1% share of Mazda. This is clearly one of the world’s leading automotive brands, but there is still a sizeable gulf between themselves and Toyota.