FLM Quick Loans Info (Closed)

FLM Quick closed a long time ago now, but due to the vast popularity of this service we thought that it would be a good idea to profile them here. This product was constructed as a small yet highly flexible guarantor loan. The Richmond Group was the owner who are most well known for bringing the guarantor lending concept to the UK that they did through FLM Loans that was later renamed as Amigo Loans. The launch here took place in 2008 through www.flmquick.co.uk. The requirements of the guarantor were relaxed with no requirement for homeowner backings. They just to be aged at 18 and have a good credit score.

Small loan sums of £50 to £500 could be received and one of the most flexible repayment structures was available. This started from just 1 day and it run through to 24 months. The applicant could choose to repay on any day of choice and pay up that period. If £100 was settled after just a month then the charge would be £9.56 and there was no extra fast funding fee that highlights excellent value. It has not been addressed why FLM Quick closed, but it is assumed that they wanted to direct their attention fully on Amigo that has continued to emerge as one of the market leaders in their field.

The popularity of this particular brand was significant, but you can imagine that people may not have been overly happy about having to involve a third party, especially when just £500 could be received. The design of the www.flmquick.co.uk website was crafted well, as the case with every Richmond Group property that you will run into online. Whilst this firm may have shut down, there is a similar lender around by the name of The Quick Cash Club. This was created by a past employee who thought they would give it a go on their own and it is good to see that they remain active to this day.