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Essex Car Company

The Essex Car Company enjoyed a huge spike in popularity when “The Dealership” mini-series screened on Channel 4. This documentary focussed on the day-to-day running of the business. Their single showroom in Rainham houses around 200 used cars. The odd BMW and Mercedes can be found here, but in general they sell more affordable budget motors. The team behind this business is Concept Finance Ltd who were established back in 2007. The website for this venture located at was launched in 2008. You couldn’t imagine one of the major chains allowing cameras through their doors, but it makes greater sense for a newcomer like this to take advantage of the opportunity.

It won’t be easy to turn a profit on 200 or so budget motors. This will add extra emphasis on securing financing and going by the name of the owner this looks to be a market that they know well. Information surrounding the Essex Car Company finance plan options, pricing, terms etc are not disclosed. There is a central financing page at named as Credit Problems. Here they address such things as CCJs, defaults, late payments etc. Applications can be made here, but no encryption is used. It is strange that they are primarily targeting those with poor credit here since the lenders they do reference only cater those with a positive track record.

Those named include Barclays, MotoNovo and Santander. The interest rates across these lenders tends to sit between 6% and 12%. They would obviously have some subprime lenders (or brokers) attached to their panel whereby the APRs would float closer to 40%. You’d want to make sure that there is a motor of interest on the lot. If you have spotted one on their site then you’d be best heading down to discuss your credit options directly. Getting to the location may be tricky for those not living in the area, but they are open 7 days a week. The times between Monday and Saturday are 9am until 6pm and the Sunday time is 10am until 4pm.