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Credit Car Sales

Credit Car Sales is a used card dealer formed back in 2012. Their website ( is owned by Credit 4 Cars Ltd who are a lender. On this site it states that they operate as a broker though. It may be the case that they involve third party lenders if they aren’t able to issue funding to an applicant who doesn’t meet their criteria. Through this dealership there are around 150 motors to choose between. This doesn’t provide too many options, but from the stock that we scanned through they had some decent models on offer. Their owner will be introduced here soon, but their site currently has an under construction notice.

Credit Car Sales finance is targeted at those who find it difficult to access financing due to past debt problems. High acceptances rates are promised here and they note that CCJs and past bankruptcy cases are taken on assuming that they can meet the plan repayments. The current interest rate headlined on the site is 49.6%. On a previous check they did display 62% and so there has been a recent improvement. Specifics surrounding the plans are not shared. For their sums they don’t quote any available amounts and just state that they cover how ever much you’ll need for your vehicle. The repayment term will be 36 months, although 48 months is available on select cars.

The lender controlling this project recruits partners through their C4C Dealer Network. We’ll know more about this operation when their website is live. This particular venture is really where they have made their name though. You can apply through, but with no encryption you’d be better heading down to their branch that you’ll find in Basildon, Essex. It may not be easy for some people to get down to this showroom, but collections are possible from 60 locations. They can also deliver the motor to your home for a charge. This dealership is open between Monday and Thursday from 9am to 8pm and both the Friday and Saturday times are 9am to 5pm.