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CLC Finance

Address: Unit 4, Meadow Court, Millshaw, Leeds, LS11 8LZ.
Branding: CLC Finance. AKA: CLCFinance.
FCA Licence: 639699.
From: Hamsard 3225 Ltd.
Launched: 1953.
Memberships: CCA.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Thursday (7am/6pm), Friday (8am/6pm).
Bad Credit Considered: Yes.
Manage: No CLC Finance login at
Offers: Doorstep loans and Love2Shop vouchers.
Sums: £50 to £200 (new) | £500 max (returning).
Terms: 21 or 35 weeks.

The Pricing…
£217.50/£300 (23)

Notes: Only existing users can access the sampled £300 sum. Lending is primarily accessible to residents of Yorkshire and its surrounding areas. There is also some coverage across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. An agent will come to your home within a few days of the application being received to complete the process. There is no specific reference to repayment options, but 21 and 35 are each mentioned on the site. There is also some conflicting information provided on the actual loan sums. In the main section cash between £50 and £500 is headed. In the calculator area it states £400 max and £200 as the new customer limit. For some reason, there is another notice that £60 and £150 is available to new users and that those with a good track record can see more. There is a login facility, but this is built for employees only. Applications are not securely processed.

– Experience: This family business has remained local, but they do have experience on their side with roots dating back to 1953.
– Promotion: If you recommend a friend they will hand you with a £10 voucher each time you do this. There is added incentive to refer in volume since they state that 10 customers brought in will trigger a £100 bonus. On the lead form “Promo” is noted that would likely tie in with introducing. Recruiting may naturally prove challenging since there are major service location restrictions.
– Vouchers: As well as their main cash in hand product, you can opt to receive vouchers. As the case with many of their rivals, they have teamed up with Love2Shop. Their coupons can be spent at a wide range of leading retailers on the high street.

– Non.