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Last Update: September 17th, 2016

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Chrome Credit CardsThe Chrome card is a new project from Vanquis that was launched at in March 2016. In this same year we saw XYLO that they issue (yet don’t promote themselves). Their past projects date to late 2014 through NEO, Origin and Original. This trio of brands came with no key features to help them stand out. This time around a low rate manages to do just this. Its interest rate at just 29.5% is the best deal available from this provider. Their past top offer was available through Aquis at 29.8%. As you can see, the rate drop hasn’t been significant. It would have been preferable to see them get a little closer to Tesco’s Foundation Card at 27.5%. Then there is Aqua’s Advance that starts at 34.9%, but this drops to 19.9%.

Other than the lower APR, a key difference with past projects is the potential returning limit here of £4000 that is often £3500 elsewhere. The initial limit is also set between £250 and £1000. Only they and Aquis start from £250 with every other release starting lower at £150. Not everyone that applies at will qualify for the top deal of 29.5% (29.50%). The lower tier rate is 39.9% (39.94%). We usually see much larger variable rates from this provider and so you’d probably need to have a fair borrowing history to get the green light, although they choose not to disclose exactly what they’re looking for in a customer.

Those applying can receive a quick 60 second decision. If approval is granted then it usually takes between 10 and 14 days before you receive the card through the mail. This can be monitored through the EVanquis login or the mobile app. The Chrome credit card is expected to become a popular market choice as more people become aware of it. We have already started to see quite extensive advertising in Google. This isn’t actually the only brand new card to launch in 2016. This lender issued for XYLO that CBS are promoting. Plus there is an affinity release from their main rival Capital One with ThinkMoney that arrived in June. This is the 2nd partnership with the ThinkMoney Group that follows on from Ocean.