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Last Update: December 6th, 2016

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Cheque Centre Store LoansCheque Centre was established in the year 1996. Whilst they had started out aligned with cheque cashing, they are today more of a one-stop shop offering loans, pawnbroking, travel money etc. A decade after formation in Edinburgh, this company was acquired by Axcess Financial Services Inc who are part of CNG Financial Corp. A few years later Axcess went on to acquire Cash Generator. The owner is mostly known for the Check ‘n Go brand who have more than 1000 stores scattered across the United States. Cheque Centre at its height had 433 stores and yet this network has amazingly shrunk down to just 53. The market leader (Money Shop) of course lost around 250.

The closures here occurred around the time that the FCA’s payday loan cap came into force. The Cheque Centre loans online were issued by The Loan Store who later merged into this company. For some time they continued lending through and this service was then pulled, with visitors advised to head to their local store. Whilst early 2015 was a troubling time, they would soon go on to launch Square Today. When visiting the site you can either be redirected to Square or you can simply search for details of your local shop where the same 2 types of loans can be accessed. The main one delivers between £200 and £850 set against repayments of 5 to 9 months.

The personal loan is available between £1000 and £5000 on extended terms of 1 to 3 years. They do make restrictions on the sums requested. If you for instance took out their smallest £200 sum then you’d need to repay this in either 5 or 6 months. The store pricing that matches Square’s is £279.52 per £300 (over 6 months) or £418.27 per £1000 (full year). Recent proof of address and some photo identification will be need to be shown in-store. Strangely, they initiate payouts to bank accounts rather than handing customers with cash. The processing runs through the Faster Payments Service though and so there should be a quick clearance within 30 minutes.

There was a time when a Cheque Centre login was equipped to, but this has been removed. You can’t in this instance manage an account when completed in person, but logins are provided at For general support, customer advisors can be reached between Monday and Friday (9am/5pm). The Cheque Centre store opening hours weren’t listed on a past check, but they have recently added this info within the FAQ. It is stated that most stores are open between Monday and Friday (9am/5.30pm) and Saturday (9am/5pm). A further note mentions that a few larger stores have extended times. We’d advise applying with Square Today rather than retail due to the login and added speed, but Saturday is a plus point here.