CFO Lending (Capital Finance One) Loans Info (Closed)

Another major casualty through FCA capping has seen a prominent lender operating across 3 trading brands close down each property. We have provided posts for their main pair of monthly companies and now also for their Guarantor Option (this was only launched in 2014 and will be unknown to most). Covering the monthly brands, there is CFO Lending that we are covering here that is a shared name of the owner and then there is Payday First that was an earlier creation. The featured firm had been active through since back in 2012. They may have started on another web address, but we can’t confirm any known site.

The company initials stand for Capital Finance One that they were also well known as. CFO Lending has always been highly searched for online. A portion of these searches could be accounted for queries relating to the owner, but we wouldn’t expect this to cover the bulk of them. This identity is much more popular than Payday First that is surprising considering that the other firm was created way back in 2008 and they have even been seen on TV. Regardless of which brand was more well known, the products were matched. This included the available cash amounts of £75 to £600 that was granted to new and past users.

The term was fixed over a complete month and the same charges were imposed at £36 per £100 interest. A choice was offered surrounding funding whereby a slow transfer attracted no cost whilst same day processing was £15. They stated that 80% of their customers opted for the speedy option. The site was secured, but included no user logins. This service could be received between Monday and Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturdays was 9am and 1pm. We believe that PF closed at 6pm (Mon/Fri) that is one minor difference. Capital Finance One took on CCTA membership and their website is still live whilst they collect balances.