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RAC Loans Info (Broker) |


The RAC’s roots take us back to the year 1897. This motoring specialist is today owned by CVC Capital Partners and GIC Private. They have 8 million roadside assistance members signed up. A range of further products (mostly insurance) are now headed at They use outside insurers and for their loan they use Hitachi Capital (UK). Their approach to expansion has been expected, where they have been intent on keeping up with The AA. Their main rival has 15 million members using their roadside service. The AA’s personal loans were previously explored here where they are brokering for Bank of Ireland UK. A low rate is available on that side at 3.2% APR.


Cash Converters Loans Info (Broker) |

Cash Converters

We recently covered the Cash Converters personal loans that were unveiled in 2015. On a recent check at in 2016 this product had been replaced. They no longer lend themselves, but instead broker for H&T. We have removed the past lender posting and will replace it with this submission here. We have also looked at their Stores Here (where they do lend themselves). This prominent Australian business was created by Brian Cumins in 1984. The American pawn shop EZCorp has owned a 30% stake since late 2009. Collectively, more than 21 countries are served across an impressive network of 700 stores. Just over 200 of these are located in the UK where they have traded since 1992.


Post Office Loans Info (Broker) |

Post Office

The Post Office is one of the most recognisable brands on the high street. They are perfectly suited to everyday banking through their vast network of 11,500 branches. Should you sign up for a bank account, credit card or loan it is Bank of Ireland (UK) who acts as the lender. Their high street dominance is supported by over 370 years of service that traces back to the first general post office in London that opened in 1643. Today this company is owned by the Government through the Postal Services Holding Company Ltd. The Money division was launched in 2015 that combines a wide range of financial products, all of which are issued by outside partners.


CashFlex Loans Info (Broker) |


CashFlex (aka Cash Flex) is a brand from Digitonomy Ltd who we had previously looked into for their Little Loans project. This newer release at has grown quickly although they aren’t quite as popular as Little at this time. The site was launched in the month of October 2014. They do state that they have been around since 2013, but they’ll likely be referring to the owner there. One thing to note is that Digitonomy’s licence number #658817 has now expired. They actually show a different number on their site, but we couldn’t find this when we searched the FCA’s directory and so this may have been recently registered (Update: Now replaced).


Bright Sky Loans Info (Broker) |

Bright Sky Loans

Bright Sky Loans (aka BrightSky Loans) was launched a few months into the 2013 year. This project at is a single trading brand from David Drysdale. The operation is based in Scotland. The actual Glasgow address (272 Bath Street) is however a virtual address shared by other loan companies, such as Stop Go Networks. Bright Sky’s popularity has picked up considerably over the past year, likely due to their high ad spends in Google. The product available here is an unsecured loan with headed amounts of £500 to £20,000. The repayment terms are set between 12 and 60 months. The representative APR is 21% with an example presented of £1000 over 12 months costing £111.90.


The AA Loans Info (Broker) |

The AA

The AA (The Automobile Association) was established in 1905. In the modern day we saw this leading motoring association demutualised in 1999. Then came the merge with the Saga Group in 2007 to create Acromas Holdings Ltd. Whilst being renowned for their breakdown cover and driving lessons, they have adapted to offer a wide range of financial services through These products are issued by others. The big recent contract was agreed in summer 2015 that was set over 10 years. This agreement was put in place with Bank of Ireland who would become the issuer of their credit cards, loans, savings accounts etc. This is on a partnership basis (not exclusive though as they also lend for The Post Office).


WagedayXpress Review |


Update: Sold to RevUP Media Llc. Now a Broker (Update to Follow).

Address: 707 Churchill Way, Biggin Hill Airport, Westerham, TN16 3BN.
Branding: WagedayXpress. AKA: Wageday Express.
FCA Licence: 640978.
From: Uncle Buck Finance Llp.
Launched: 2013.
Memberships: BCCA.
Related: RedWallet, Uncle Buck, VarioLoans.


Ocean Finance Loans Info (Broker) |

Ocean Finance

Ocean Finance is one of Manchester’s leading broker services that has been in operation since 1991. To date they have helped over 250,000 people across the UK. This is the main trading brand of Intelligent Lending Ltd (part of The ThinkMoney Group) that is served from Most people will associate this company with homeowner loans, although they do also have an unsecured solution and more recently they have released an affinity Credit Card in partnership with Capital One. You may have seen the recent TV ads promoting this product. It was interesting to learn that the Ocean personal loans are provided by R Raphael & Sons. We aren’t aware of any other brokers working directly with them.


Very Loans Info (Broker) |


Very has enjoyed huge market growth since they launched back in July 2009. Moving forward to 2016 and ranks as the 260th most visited site by UK visitors. The Shop Direct Group (owner) has recently fused Isme and Woolworths into this company and K&Co has been pushed into Littlewoods that leaves these 2 major retail brands. Very’s starting niche was young women’s fashion, but as time has passed they have expanded to become much more of a one-stop shop today where they sell everything from cookers to laptops. This retailer offers a few credit options in what they call the Money Zone. You can firstly spread the cost although this is quite a pricey solution at 39.9% APR.


Viva Loans Info (Broker) |

Viva Loans

Viva Loans (VivaLoans) has enjoyed impressive traction since they launched at not too long back in 2014. This is the primary trading brand of Season Marketing Ltd (licence #665425) who are based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Other than this site, you may have spotted Heart Paydays and Loan Sumo that are each relatively well known. Over the past year the advertising push for this flagship brand through Google has been extensive and we’ve spotted their ads popping up quite a lot here on Lenders4U. Heart Paydays is also advertised to a notable extent on the web. This company is not to be confused with VivaLoan who introduce personal loans over in the United States.


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