Cash Window Loans Info (Closed)

Cash Window was unleashed at back in 2013. This was a rebrand of EPDL (Early Pay Day Loan Ltd) who were one of the earliest payday lenders formed in 2003. The reasoning behind the identity change was instigated by Albemarle & Bond who acquired EPDL in 2012. The Albemarle name is well known with 114 pawnbroker stores stretching the UK (tally includes around 20 Herbert Brown shops). This payday loan business would help to establish themselves further online and this product was also pitched through their many stores. The future certainly looked bright, but problems soon occurred and Cash Window closed not too long after people had become acquainted with them.

For an extended period they displayed a notice that simply stated that they were not currently issuing new loans whilst they were revamping their system. They never did come back though and this web property has now been completely taken down. To present some details on just what they offered during the limited time that they were active, applicants could receive monthly loans and there was a restricted 3 month option available for £500. With the primary monthly option, £100 to £400 was available at first and £800 was headed as a returning amount. There was also a noted £1000 possible, but this was specifically for any existing customers from Early Payday.

For pricing, the cost was £25 per £100 that covered both interest and a free same day transfer. The 3 month £500 sum was priced at £299.80. The site had a professional look and it was equipped with secure logins for their users. Customer service was restricted between Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. You could however visit a store on a Saturday. Their pricing was competitively set and with the experience of Albemarle and EPDL, to see a closure take place so soon was a shock. It was certainly an expensive shock at that, when learning that the acquisition sale went through for £1.2 million.