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Last Update: December 6th, 2016

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Cash Shop Store LoansCash Shop or The Cash Shop as they often brand themselves was formed in November 2004. As of 2016 they have 11 stores spread across England, generally located in busy city centres be that Leeds, Leicester, Sunderland etc. Their website located at has been live since December 2005. Unfortunately, unsecured Cash Shop store loans are no longer available. There was an instalment loan previously available that is still listed on their Facebook page, but it’s now removed from their site. Secured Buy Back and pawnbroker loans are the current only lending options in place (cheque cashing, foreign exchange and money transfer are also available). Buy Back lasts 28 days and the pawnbroker option can be contracted up to 6 months.

There is a breakdown charge provided for this over an example of 4 months (120 days). Here for £100 they ask for just £35.60 that is a competitive deal (8.9% monthly). It is just a shame that they reserve this offering when securing against art, jewellery or watches. No rate is shared for Buy Back, but this will surely be more popular for them since they are happy to take a wide range of products such as gaming consoles, mobile phones, musical equipment, laptops etc. As well as in-store, the goods that they buy that aren’t purchased back are sold through an EBay store. When selling, photo ID and proof of address must be shown.

The option is there to securely request an offer at whereby you can add a picture with the various product specs. It could take time to hear back from them and so it may be better advised to just head down to them. The Cash Shop is a BCCA member and the customer reviews that we spotted online were very supportive of the friendly and welcoming team members. The opening times for their stores do vary. They typically open at 9am and then close at either 5.30pm or 6pm, but the times for select days change across branches. You can always pop in on a Saturdays and can visit on a Sunday at the Leicester, Nottingham and Peterborough stores.