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Last Update: September 27th, 2016

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Cash Generator Store LoansCash Generator was founded by Brian Lewis in 1994. This Bolton business had launched not too long after their key rival (Converters) had arrived from Australia in 1992. Generator’s store network sits close to 190, having peaked years earlier just above 220. Around 70% are franchised. In comparison, Converters has just over 200 that has dropped from approx 230 shops. They are found in 700 locations worldwide. Cash Generator loans (online and store) are no longer available. They were instructed by the FCA in 2015 to stop lending due to historic irresponsible lending practices. One thing of note is that a small portion of their stores are built within existing Cheque Centre outlets and this sister company does lend.

You can of course also pawn your goods when taking advantage of their Buy Back service that can be used for the period of 28 days. We would have expected there to be a link placed on that sent users on to Square Today. This is a relatively new project from Cheque Centre who are under the control by the same group (CNG Financial Corp). Historically they sent visitors on to The Loan Store that was again under group control (TLS was eventually phased into Cheque Centre). When this change occurred they stopped offering any kind of online funding. Within an area called CG Finance they just promoted in-store short and long term products.

The main product served £50 to £500 or £1000 max on re-loans. Either Cheque Centre or the franchisee stood in as the lender. There was also a large personal loan that the franchisee covered. All that was listed was the terms of 3 to 12 months, but no amounts, prices etc were shared. Various identification and proof of income had to be taken in to complete the process. If you are interested in Buy Back then proof of income isn’t required, but ID will need to be displayed. Generator’s stores are usually open between Monday and Saturday from 9am until 5.30pm. In some locations they however open a little later on select days.