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Last Update: November 7th, 2016

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Cash Exchange Store LoansCash Exchange is a pawnbroker with just the 2 locations located in Morden (Surrey) and Norbury (London). This family run business started out back in November 2004. They offer all the usual services such as cheque cashing, pawnbroking and money transfers. Considering that this is a small operation, they have crafted a really top notch website over at This is built with account logins and the ability to shop for any of their used goods that they keep hold off. PayPal payments are accepted and there is even a promo code box, although we were unable to track down any live codes. No unsecured Cash Exchange loans are available online or in-store.

On the secured front you can instead opt for their pawnbroker loan or sell on a short term Buy Back. Pawnbroking is primary to them where they lend over the period of 7 months. The chance is however there to settle early when needed. They claim to lend up to 70% of the re-sale value of the goods taken on. They are seeking coins, gold, watches and even cars and motorbikes. 2 recent forms of ID must be taken into them (one showing a photo and another with your address). There is a dedicated area for Premier Pawnbroking where more luxury goods can be pawned for larger sums ranging between £10,000 and £50,000.

Their Buy Back scheme will make up most of their business. There is a 28 day period in place here and this time around they accept all kinds of things from laptops, to mobile phones, to TVs etc. You can as noted shop via for any items that they go on to retain. No cost examples are displayed on the site and so it is not clear just how well they compare against the major high street chains. Just to add their opening hours, you can head to Cash Exchange Norbury between Monday and Thursday (9.30am/6pm) or from Friday to Saturday (9.30am/5.30pm). The Morden branch has differing times through to Monday to Saturday of 9.30am/6pm.