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Last Update: September 27th, 2016

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Cash Converters Store LoansDirect Cash Converters loans were made available online in 2015, only to have quickly been replaced in 2016 by H&T. Whilst they now act as a broker through they are still lending out of their own pocket through their stores that we’ll be examining in further data here. Their network is a sizeable one. They provide a complete list of each shop and so it was easy enough to count up 202 stores. There has been a few closures here since they have historically been found in 230 locations. Globally they have 700 properties spread out across 21 countries. This Australian business was established in 1984 with the local launch taking place in 1992.

This has become a popular chain franchised on our high streets. Based on 2014 data, we calculated a 72% share of franchised stores. The payday loans that you’ll be able to access across their network are typically taken out within the month although they do note a potential 60 day max term. The borrowing sums start small at £30 that runs as high as £800. No cost breakdowns or info on the pricing is presented and so they’ll likely be meeting the cap at 0.8% daily. Historically, the Cash Converters loans have required no credit check. We can’t confirm whether or not this is still the case. They have instead been more rigorous with affordability checks.

You’ll firstly need photo ID (driving licence, passport etc) and a document dated within the past 3 months. Bank statements must also be taken in covering the past 2 months as a new customer or a single month if returning. You’ll also need your 2 latest pay slips. There is no login at and so customers will need to make adjustments in person. For contact they advise you to pick out your local store and call or visit them. When sampling different listings their opening hours did often vary. It was common to see Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to either 5.30pm or 6pm. In rare cases, a few branches are open on Sundays.

This company holds dual trade association memberships with the BCCA and the CCTA. They as noted now broker online with H&T. It is good to at least see them still offering a loan of some kind since their main rival (Generator) does not. If it so happens that you are declined for a loan in store, then it is possible to still get hold of funding through selling goods on Buy Back. You can get a decent return on a laptop and a fair amount on a smartphone so long as they are in sound working condition. On this agreement you must take in 2 forms of ID and will then be handed with 28 days to repay.