Cash Cafe Loans Info (Closed)

The Cash Cafe loans brand was the creation of PPE Capital Ltd. This formation took place back in the year of 2012 through the address of At the same time, they also launched Cash Cafe Business that catered loans for new business starters. Both of these mentioned companies are unfortunately no longer active. The closure of each company went through without much notice sometime throughout 2014. On their YouTube page that is now lying dormant they have a preview video for their payday loan TV advert that was due for release and there was also a video of an interview between them and DJ Nihal of the BBC Asian Network.

At this time, it was clear that things were looking positive, but there was obviously problems at PPE Capital and the closure went ahead. There was always great expectations for the future of this short term lending provider. Their site ( was designed to an excellent standard with the branding working really well and customers were handed with a secure login facility here. Short terms were available initially covering small amounts from £100 to £250, but £1000 was eventually possible for trusted users. An impressive repayment span was headlined that stood between the range of 5 and 45 days. The pricing was simply set at 1% each day.

And so, £100 over 23 days would simply cost £23. You only had to pay interest if you were happy in receiving your funds in a few days. If same day funding was asked for then there was an additional fee of £10 to cater this. When they operated was not addressed on their site, but we believe that they did close on Saturdays and Sundays. To see the Cash Cafe payday loans close down was not expected in light of their planned TV ad campaigning. Any problems were not well documented and so they would have likely just suffered in this competitive financial landscape where many firms have struggled to adapt.