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The CarShop (also known as Car Shop) is a prominent motor supermarket chain formed in 1999. Since launch they have sold more than 250,000 cars. They have 5 trendy outlets that are situated in Cardiff, Doncaster, Northampton, Norwich and Swindon. There are just over 4000 cars in group stock that you can view at To make sure that the customer is fully satisfied with their purchase, there are various checks and guarantees provided. Going that extra mile has helped to build up plenty of positive feedback on the big review websites. Whilst this chain is well known online, it is some way behind Motorpoint who had launched the year before.

It is not clear why there is such a gulf in popularity between these companies. Perhaps advertising and better placed supermarkets may be making all the difference. CarShop finance is available on HP and PCP plans. There is also a personal loan option. Repayments can last up to 60 months. A range of lenders are used for funding. They only specifically reference Barclays and Black Horse. There is bound to be a few subprime lenders also connected since they cater all credit status applicants. This is evident from the 5 interest tiers displayed on their calculator. The current APR spread across all tiers is 11.9%, 13.9%, 15.9%, 16.9% and 19.9%.

Whilst you can get a good idea of the likely costs involved, there is no ability to apply through Your options are to either call them or to of course head down to one of their showrooms. These are at least open 7 days a week over extended times. The times are as follows: Monday to Friday (9am to 9pm), Saturday (9am to 7pm) and Sunday (10.30am to 5pm). If you were looking to purchase, but not on the day that you ventured down, then you could opt for the vehicle to be shipped to your home for a fee. This can be done during the working week only.