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Last Update: September 10th, 2016

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Capital One Credit CardsOn the main Capital One site there is a Sign In button at the top of the page. When this is selected you will be redirected over to Capital One Online is used by all customers of cards that they issue and so we have created this extra page to note who’ll be using it. There is likely to be quite a sizeable tally of extra customers since they issue for Littlewoods, Luma, Ocean Finance, ThinkMoney and Very. Of this range, Luma has been the most successful affinity partner. That product has however been around since 2012. Over the coming years we can see Very’s offering emerging since that retailer is growing quickly through TV ad campaigning.

Vanquis is fortunate to have Argos signed up on their side and then there is also Granite (from the same team as Luma). That covers subprime, with affinity relationships being much more common with prime lending. The majors on that side are Creation (also Provides Loans) and MBNA. NewDay who owns Aqua also issues for the likes of Debenhams, Miss Selfridge and Topman. It makes sense for the Capital One login to be taken elsewhere. If it wasn’t then all of the traffic from their partners would be skewing their direct analytics data. Things are straight forward here where there is just the single facility for logins. Vanquis on the other hand don’t make things easy by having 3 varied sites.

Once a customer has registered at they’ll see a range of options once logged in. This includes viewing recent transactions, making a balance transfer, making payments or setting up email alerts. There is however no option to apply for an increase once logged in. It is not stated just how far back statements go, but you may be able to access annual statements. They have also released a mobile app for those that wish to check up on their account on the go. If customers have any issues then they can make general queries to them by phone 24 hours a day. They do however cut back support days/times for applications and extra cardholder queries.

Update: (Littlewoods) (Very)

Just to update that the long URLs referenced above will take you to specific branded logins. The first is for Littlewoods and the other is for Very. It is not essential to use specific URLs like this, but we thought that we’d add them anyway in case you were a customer and wanted to bookmark them for future reference.