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CanCan Car Finance

Address: Nidum House, Neath Abbey Business Park, Neath, SA10 7DR.
Branding: CanCan Car Finance. AKA: Can Can Car Finance.
FCA Licence: 634488.
From: CanCanCarFinance Ltd.
Launched: 2011.
Memberships: Non.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Thursday (9am/8pm), Friday (9am/6pm), Saturday (9am/4pm), Sunday (10am/4pm).
Bad Credit Considered: Yes.
Manage: No CanCan Car Finance login at
Niche: Car.
Products: Not disclosed.
Sums: £3000 and £15,000 (new and returning).
Terms: Not disclosed.

The Pricing…
5.9% APR+

Notes: This service is primarily designed to measure your credit worthiness via their partnership with Equifax. They will then match you to a lender on their panel. A relationship is held with the Trade Centre Wales if you would like them to find your motor. It makes sense for them to use this dealer since they are based locally to them. No repayment terms are specified as well as agreement types. You would likely see Hire Purchase agreements that commonly have 12 to 60 month terms. On the application page no SSL triggers, but the website is secure. Simply add HTTPS manually to access a secure connection.

– Assessment: A partnership has been held with Equifax since 2011 (soon after launch). CanCan was the very first finance company to have a direct link. This connection enables them to run a check on your credit status in less than a minute that is processed 24/7. This should help them to match applicants with lenders efficiently, in comparison to some rival brokers who just have a sole partner.
– Eligibility: A selection of bad credit lender partners are used by this company. The most well known being Close Brothers.
– Operations: Applications are processed on Saturdays and on Sundays.
– Panel: Around a dozen or so lenders are partnered with most of these being listed on their application page. All of the usual suspects were headlined such as Barclays PF, Black Horse etc. There was however a few interesting niche additions such as Startline and The Funding Corporation. In general, most of the listed lenders focus on prime rates, but they do state that bad credit is considered with some of their partners. Car Finance Ltd was also listed who shares the same credit licence that on checking was approved to lend. So it does look like they have a lending department, although in most cases they will refer to third parties.

– Nothing recent.