Cahoot Loans Review |

Cahoot Loans

Address: 3rd Floor, Friars House, Manor House Drive, Coventry, CV1 2TE.
Branding: Cahoot Loans. Also known as: CahootLoans.
FCA Licence: 265029.
From: Santander UK Plc (Part of Banco Santander S.A.).
Launched: 2000.
Memberships: Non.
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Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (8am/8pm), Saturday (9am/5pm).
Bad credit considered: Fair-to-good score required.
Manage: No Cahoot login at
Offers: Personal loans.
Sums: £1000 to £20,000 (new and returning).
Terms: 12 to 60 months.

The Pricing…
£105.32/£1000 (12) £208.88 (24)
£194.96/£10,000 (12) £377.36 (24)

Notes: The rates are 20.6% and 3.6%. Santander’s are 20.6% and 3.9% (123/Select) and 21.1% and 4.4% (new). If you visit the website just now you will see that other than their loans there are no headlined products and just a login facility (adjustments to your loan must be made by phone). As noted, details of only their loan is displayed on the homepage. When you click this, you will be redirected over to a Santander page. We have however referenced their main web address in the title. You’ll need to be aged 21 or over to qualify. Forms will need to be sent by post and so do expect a delayed payout. The only key difference here is that you get a cheaper APR deal on larger sums.

– Amounts: The 20k rate at 3.6% is improved on the main bank’s 3.9% (or 4.4% if you aren’t with them currently).
– Branches: This is an internet-only bank. Their owner however has 1300 branches in the UK and 15,000 worldwide.
– Experience: Launched by Abbey National back in June 2000. “Are Cahoot closing down?” is commonly queried online today. Over the past several years their products have been discontinued one by one. It was surprising in this instance to see them pop up with their competitively priced personal loan.
– Operations: Customer support would ideally extend to Sundays, but the current hours are extensive, including 12 hours throughout the working week and 8 hours on Saturdays.
– Ownership: Banco Santander is a global powerhouse with 102 million customers and a huge 15,000 branch network. They have been progressing well locally, but our Banking Comparison highlighted that the Brit market share is very much balanced out across several big players. They are however advertising to a greater extent locally then their banking rivals in 2015.
– Profile: Well known by the public and well praised by the media. On last count they had notched up 750,000 customers. Whether they’ll go on to surpass the magic million mark is unlikely. You’d hedge your bets on this product eventually closing and being carried over to the main bank. Until then, you can take advantage of the group’s most competitive rate here. This is of course not the only once prominent web operation with an uncertain future that has also been seen with The Co-op’s Smile.

– Non.