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Bristol Street Motors

Named after Bristol Street in Birmingham, this company has been trading for nearly 100 years. Vertu acquired this brand soon after they themselves were established in 2006. Today there are many dealerships spread out across England. There are a few other companies within the group including Farnell, Macklin and they often also use Vertu. There are collectively around 120 dealerships and 6800 cars. You’d assume that the largest portion of chains and stock would belong here. The website is built in the same manner as Macklin’s and alike on that side the same financing setup is in place and so you’ll be sent over to Car Credit Assured to apply.

Bristol Street Motors is headed as the UK’s largest Hyundai dealer and the 3rd largest Ford dealer. Franchising actually extends across a range of manufacturers including the likes of Citroen, Dacia, Peugeot, Nissan, SEAT etc. You can browse through the stock at, but if you are interested in Bristol Street Motors finance then you will be sent across to The particular financing options available include HP, PCH and PCP plans. The funding will come from any of their 20 partnered lenders. There is a mixture of prime and subprime firms used and you should be able to qualify even with a poor credit rating.

No general interest rates are shared, but there is promotional 0% deal currently running on long contracts. This may sound tempting, but a deposit of 50% is required that may be tricky to gather especially on more pricey stocked models. The outlets checked over were typically open until 6pm or 6.30pm during the week, 5pm or 6pm on Saturdays and until 4pm on Sundays. There is however a dedicated sales advisor line that has listed times of Monday to Friday (9am/10pm) and both weekends days are (10am/4pm). BSM is Vertu’s flagship brand that will have been key to the impressive 2014 turnover tally of £2 billion that makes them the UK’s 6th largest motoring group.