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Bristol Finance

Address: 418 Fishponds Road, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 3DU.
Branding: Bristol Finance. Also known as: BristolFinance.
FCA Licence: 077948.
From: Bristol Finance & Credit Services Ltd.
Launched: 1978.
Memberships: CCA.
Related: No companies.

Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday (9am/5pm).
Bad credit considered: Yes.
Manage: No Bristol Finance at
Offers: Doorstep loans, hire purchase, vouchers.
Pricing: £165/£300 (31 weeks).
Sums: £30 to £1000 (new and returning).
Terms: 14 to 43 weeks.
Notes: Direct applications can’t be made through the site. You can apply by phone on 0117 951 8205. There are 2 cost breakdowns presented by this company. The 31 week term is headed as being selected by most of their users. The other example had a charge of £132 and this was for 24 weeks. The catered regions are not disclosed. Other than their central office in their home city, they have a second branch in Walsall that should cover the extent of their coverage. Bad credit is considered although no specifics are presented. An interesting fact provided is that 62% of their customers hold a bank account. This would suggest that they are considering most circumstances. The home collection loan is the primary product pitched, but a wide range of home goods can be taken out on a hire purchase agreement that is connected to partnered dealers and wholesalers. Vouchers can also be issued. It is headed that a 24 hour turnaround is possible, but this isn’t much of an indication on efficiency since you can’t apply through the website and the catered regions look to be limited.

– Amounts: A wide span of loan sums are available that starts at just £30 that can’t be accessed elsewhere in this sector. No new customer limits are stated, but you would expect these to be determined by credit score.
– Experience: This lender has been trading since 1978 and so they have accounted plenty of industry experience. This is interestingly the same year that Naylors arrived on the scene.
– Home Shopping and Vouchers: This is very much a one-stop shop with financing options being available on a vast range of goods. There is also a voucher note displayed and so this would likely be in the form of Love2Shop coupons.
– Pricing: Both the 24 and 31 week cost examples calculate just ahead of Provident as a 3rd best sector rate. The top prices arise from Mutual (1) and Skyline Direct (2). Unfortunately, all of the top deals in this niche are impacted by location restrictions.
– Terms: The repayment options are notable, spanning between 14 and 43 weeks. Just to add there that they actually note 10 months as the latter and so we rounded off this figure. Most users as noted opt for their 31 week repayment.

– Non.