AutoPawn Review |


Address: 21 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1A 2NS.
Branding: AutoPawn. Also known as: Auto Pawn.
FCA Licence: 540072.
From: Redrose Management Ltd.
Launched: 2003.
Memberships: CCTA.
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Loan Details…
Available: Monday to Friday. Times not specified.
Bad credit considered: Yes.
Manage: No AutoPawn login at
Offers: Bill of Sale.
Pricing: £950/£1000 (12 months).
Sums: £500+ (new and returning).
Terms: 18 months.
Notes: Lender is based in London, but there are meeting points held across England. Reps can also visit your home or work that we believe extends to Wales. The operational days and times are not listed and so the meetings would likely be arranged between Monday and Friday during standard business hours. These logbook loans start from £500, but no upper age limit is disclosed. Although there is a fixed 18 month term, you can settle earlier on request. No info is provided on the required vehicle age and so the average 10 year period should apply. They do however offer a Prestige package for classic/prestige models that would sidestep the age based on the vehicle’s high value. No encryption is used on the lead form. The insurance policy held on the vehicle must be fully comprehensive and if you are a tenant then they may ask to see your tenancy agreement. No additional info surrounds the required documentation.

– Eligibility: No credit checking is headlined in one section of the site. They don’t mind if customers have a bad credit rating, also mentioning CCJs. There is also no requirement of holding a bank account. If you don’t have one then they can offer a cheque that you can then take to a local cheque cashing store.
– Experience: AutoPawn loans have been available since back in 2003 and so they are one of the most experienced firms around.
– Prestige: This secondary product caters applicants with classic or vintage cars. There is no variation in pricing should this option be taken.
– Vehicle: Motorbikes, motor homes, vans etc can all be brought into the agreement. Vehicle age requirements aren’t shared, but they do as noted run Prestige that caters older cars if there is significant value attached.

– When they can make visits is unknown, but weekend trading is unlikely. The upper cash limit is not specified, but several thousand would be expected. The amount granted would depend anyway on your vehicle’s value whereby they’ll lend up to a percentage of it (usually 70%).