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Audi Car Finance

Last Update: September 7th, 2016

Audi’s roots head back to 1909. August Horch had created a company, but was unable to use “Horch” in the naming following a legal dispute against his former partners. Soon after in 1910 he’d follow up with Audi Automobilwerke GmbH. The 4 ring logo as used today was taken from the 1932 merge of 4 companies that included their own plus DKW, Wanderer and Horch (past troubles forgotten). This created Auto Union AG. Due to complications at the end of WW2, they would have to create a new company in 1949 and so came Auto Union GmbH in Ingolstadt. Audi’s name came to light again in 1965. This was a critical year when Volkswagen took control.

This automaker has dedicated their efforts towards luxury cars similar to the other key German brands BMW and Mercedes. Many people will be familiar with the A line (A1 and A3 that runs up to A8). Then there is the sports designs that includes the R8 and the TT. Less recognisable are their SUVs that includes Q3, Q5 and Q7. All of the various Audis available locally can be viewed at Both Ducati and Lamborghini are composed as subsidiaries of Audi AG who across 2015 sold 1.8m new cars. Locally, it was the A3 that proved the hit favourite. With 47,653 registrations, this was the 8th best seller, just edging above Mini’s Hatch.

The Audi car finance is provided by Volkswagen Financial Services (as Audi Finance). The choices are PCP (Solutions) that is seen in all of the promotional deals, whilst Hire Purchase deals are hidden. In most cases the interest is packaged at 6.7%. Some trims see rates of 5.6%. There was one such model that had a very low APR at 2.9%. This was seen on the A8 and there was also a chunky £14,000 deposit contribution. The A8 is a premium car though with a minimum cash price of £63,520. Even this is small compared to the mighty R8 that sells from £119,520. The TT’s have a more reasonable starting price of £27,585.

The A1 starts off proceedings at £14,530 and then their best selling A3 sells from £19,365. Across the cheaper models you’ll see lower deposit contributions perhaps at £500 or £1000. The standard A3’s deposit was larger at £2400 that is likely so that they can continue to boost up their sales (the Cab was even £3400). Financing can’t be applied for online, but customer logins are provided at With 1.8m cars sold over 2015 they were just a little shy of BMW who sold 1.9m. They’ll be intent on closing this gap and at the same time getting closer on the SUV front to Nissan who had a fantastic year with the Qashqai (5th best seller).