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Last Update: September 10th, 2016

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Argos Credit CardsArgos is one of the UK’s leading retailers with a commanding high street presence of 845 stores. In the future, it does appear likely that around 200 of these may be closing when Sainsbury’s takes control. This company has been part of the Home Retail Group who are also well known for Homebase. This retailer was formed in 1973 although their origins date back further to 1958 through Green Shield Stamps (the GSS stores and warehouses were rebranded). Things get a little confusing when it comes to the Argos credit card that is not to be confused with the Argos Card that is for store purchases only. This is priced at 29.9% with an impressive buy now pay later promotion.

This subprime product is issued by Vanquis Bank that has been since 2012. The confusion lies that there are 2 potential interest rates. If you head on to the homepage, then select the Credit & Insurance section at the bottom, the apply button will take you to The headed interest here is 29.9% (variable to 49.9%). However, their web ads guide you to where the rate is 39.9% (again variable to 49.9%). This leaves us with 29.9% and 39.9%. In comparison, the Chrome Card is a smidge lower at 29.5% whilst the standard Vanquis is matched to the latter at 39.9%. Perhaps they may update the rates in time, but for now it appears that you can sidestep the expensive option.

There are no other differences between either routes. All customers will be started on limits between £150 and £1000 that in time could advance up to £3500. Low scores are considered that differs to their store option where they are quite tight with their lending decisions. Despite this, the same potential rate can be accessed, but with the store choice you can pay zero interest so long as you clear the balance before the new year. Whichever way that you do apply, the applications are always securely taken and decisions are made within just a minute. All of the other specs such as for contact are matched to the issuer.