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Last Update: September 10th, 2016

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Aquis Credit CardsThe Aquis credit card was originally promoted on a subdomain of the main site. When you browsed this central URL you couldn’t reach this other product through navigation, but it was reachable when running a specific search through Google. It differed to the main card by simply having a much lower rate of interest. A recent development saw Aquis handed with its own domain at At the same time it was supplemented by a secondary product called Credit Builder. As we are aware, this partial reboot took place in the later stages of 2015 and so this was a full year after this Vanquis launched other supporting brands (NEO, Origin and Original).

Whilst the main offering plus others have standard interest of 39.9% APR, the starting rate here is just 29.8% (29.84%). This is the best case scenario with the maximum rate being 59.9%. Whilst this was the lender’s top deal we have recently seen Chrome that drops a little lower to 29.5%. This is still a little shy of Tesco’s Foundation that has a standard rate at 27.5%. Aqua’s Advance can drop down to 19.9% after 3 years, but it does start at 34.9%. With the exception of pricing, customers don’t see higher limits or any other differing features. The initial limit is £250 to £1000 with £4000 being available in the future. Any advances will take place every 5 months.

The Aquis Credit Builder’s APR is 49.9% (variable to 59.9%). Much smaller sums are issued between £150 and £250. There is no such apply switch option on They’ll obviously monitor your score and then decide how much to charge. Unlike the standard offering that comes in 8 designs, there is just the single finish with this Visa in a grey globe-like style. No specific details are provided on what is accepted and what isn’t to get the most competitive deal. It would be assumed that CCJs and defaults would score down. The same EVanquis login is used once signed up and the same support times are in place of Monday to Friday (8am/8pm) and Saturday (9am/5.30pm).