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Last Update: July 11th, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Aqua Credit CardsThere are 4 Aqua credit cards available that comes in the editions of Advance, Classic, Reward and Start. Since launching in 2002 they have accepted over 1 million people. The team behind this brand is NewDay Ltd who started out as SAV Credit Ltd. Another direct product from them is Marbles and there is also Opus although they aren’t accepting applications on that side. NewDay also has an affinity business that they acquired from Santander in 2013. This means that they now issue the cards of Burton Menswear, Debenhams, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, House of Fraser, Laura Ashley, Miss Selfridge, Outfit, Topman, Topshop and Wallis. Unlike Capital One and Vanquis, these partner cards sit on the prime side.

NewDay’s affinity login is taken away from their direct cards. The Aqua card in all 4 forms can be applied for at and the login is taken on a subdomain of this. This provider’s growth in the subprime space has been coming along well. Taking on Santander’s portfolio may have taken some of their focus away, although we have seen TV advertising for these Aqua credit cards that are more attractive on paper than their rivals. The star of the pack is the Advance. Standard interest is 34.9% (34.91% purchases), but when managed well a 5% reduction is made per year. After 3 years it could drop down to just 19.9%.

Reward has the same interest, but instead of a reduction you receive 0.5% cashback (up to £100 per year). Then we have Classic that is more no frills with a standard rate of 35.9% (35.94% purchases). On all of these 3 Aqua cards the limit is £250 to £1200. When glancing in the summary area the alternative interest rates were headed as 44.9% and 49.9%. These are harsh rates that we’d assume would be pushed on to those with very low scores. The final option is Start that is designed for newcomers. The rate here is 49.9% (49.94% on purchases) and the limit is much smaller at £100 to £300. The alternative rates this time are 59.9% and 69.9%.

All of these 4 MasterCards come in the same white theme with blue detailing. When applying at a response can be yours in seconds. If approved, the welcome pack should arrive in around 14 days. Bad credit is considered, but you’ll be declined with a CCJ in the past 12 months or if you have been bankrupt within the past 18 months. Through the Aqua card login you can view your balance and statements, make payments, manage direct debits or contact them securely. If you’d prefer to contact them by phone then you can do this 7/7. Their times are Monday to Friday (8am/9pm), Saturday (9am/5pm) and Sunday (10am/6pm).