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Last Update: June 11th, 2016

Many finance lenders don’t offer direct apply options and so we’ll provide a workaround here. A few examples include Alphera, Barclays, Black Horse, Santander etc. The way to access their financing is via partnered brokers or dealers. Opting with dealers isn’t the ideal route as they tend to partner up with a small handful of providers. Brokers on the other hand can have 20+ lenders pooled together that will improve acceptance rates, pricing, plan options, upper vehicle caps etc. There are 3 main brokers of distinction including CarFinance247, CreditPlus and Zuto. This trio has been put to the test in 10 areas below to identify the most well rounded service. We’ll then provide links for the top 2.

To begin with some shared traits, it was very important to see positive feedback left on leading consumer review sites that was seen across the trio. Extensive lender panels are also essential that was touched on above and Zuto’s got the lowest tally at 18 that in itself is plenty of choice. You can expect to find a nice blend of prime and subprime lenders catering all credit statuses. They all secure applications (SSL) and so your data is fully secure. An interesting shared feature is the addition of account servicing that is rare with brokers. Qualified funds can be directed at any dealership of your preference. Private sales are possible, but this requires qualification with specific lenders.

CarFinance247 CreditPlus Zuto


1) Amounts: C-Plus
@ £100,000 (top scores only).

2) APR: CF247
@ 5.8% (top scores only).

3) Experience: C-Plus
@ 2004 (Others launched in 2006).

4) Open: CF247/Zuto
@ Joint tie. Each are open for 73 hours across the week. Both importantly trade on Sundays.

5) Panel: CF247
@ 100 plans (est: 22 to 24 lenders). CreditPlus has 90 (est: 20 to 22) and Zuto offers 80 plans (18).

6) Plans: CF247
@ Most available plans. This ties in with the 100 options.

7) Reviews (Review Centre): CF247
@ 96% (1800+ feedback).

8) Reviews (Trustpilot): Zuto
@ 94% (2960+ feedback).

9) Private: CF247/Zuto
@ Both consider private sales. Depends on qualification.

10) Popularity: Zuto
@ 23k (CarFinance247: 18k and CreditPlus: 2.3k). Average monthly searches. Data via Google.

Note: 1 point per win. Half a point for tie.

Final Scores

1) CarFinance247 (5) = (APPLY)

2) Zuto (3) = (APPLY)

3) CreditPlus (2)