Access Fast Money Loans Info (Closed)

Access Fast Money was a monthly payday loan lender that launched back in the year 2011 at This creation came from Access Mortgage Underwriting Ltd that was a family-run business. There has been no official closure here, but the website has been displayed as undergoing scheduled maintenance since late 2014 and so it is highly likely that they won’t be returning. The brand itself remains popular online. They did stand out at one time for being one of the few lenders that claimed to offer no credit check payday loans. When you studied their site in detail it was shown that checks were in fact carried out.

It stated that checks were run on bankruptcy and on identity. They also studied data shared by other lenders. It was clear that they were highly selective in who they chose to issue funding to. The minimum age requirement was set at 21 and each applicant had to be earning at least £1000 in their pay packet each month. Faxing was also commonly requested. Access Fast Money offered small payday loans between £100 and £150 to all customers. The interest charged was £30 per £100, but there was another cost for the payment. You could either pay “48 Hour” at £10 or “Same Day” at £25 when they discounted the fee from your funds.

If you however wished to add the transfer charge on to the balance then you paid £13 or £32.50. There was encryption used at although this didn’t often trigger on entry. There was no ability to service the loan online. The times in which payouts were made took place between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. One thing of note is that this service managed to notch up plenty of positive feedback from happy users. Whilst this is always important to see, the eligibility was strict and the pricing was excessive. Continuing to trade in 2015 would have required them to charge no more than £24/£100.