Lenders4U was launched on the 27th December 2014.

Subprime lending is the central theme explored.

The objective in the first year has been to build data and to lay the foundations. Moving forward, a greater focus will shift towards developing existing content.

There are lots of varied ongoing features on the site. An outline of each will follow…


A lender will initially be introduced by a profile listing. This page will include details of their launch, licence, opening times, pricing, terms available etc. Noteworthy points will then follow to highlight any distinguishable service features.

More basic profiles are composed for brokers, for lenders that have closed and for the latest sector promo codes. Car dealerships are also explored as an extension of our finance coverage.
Over time we have introduced enough lenders to start pitting them against each other in our main comparison page listings.

Comparison Pages

The comparison pages are shown in the top menu bar. Within each you can compare the companies not just on cost, yet on a range of varied features. Pages have been created in the following niches…

Bank: Bank Loans
= The cheapest loan rates are available from the big banks. This data is useful to help us compare the value of leading subprime products.

Doorstep: Doorstep Loans
= A dated subprime niche with limited market choice, but the service demand is as high as ever.

Finance: Car Finance
= A mixture of prime and subprime financing options. The big lenders only fund through brokers or dealers. Due to this, we also compare brokers.

Guarantor: Guarantor Loans
= The poor credit solution with reasonable rates, but you’ll need to secure a backing.

Instalment: Instalment Loans
= A longer term payday loan with reduced interest. Both 3 and 6 month terms are studied.

Payday: Payday Loans
= The biggest subprime loan market that had been booming until the FCA rolled out price capping.

Personal: Personal Loans
= Bad credit 12 month loan lenders were initially explored. More recently we’ve started to mix in prime (non-banking) companies.

Short: Short Term Loans
= Essentially a payday loan, but you have the ability to choose your repayment day within the month. Capping has had a similar impact on sector growth.

V5C: Logbook Loans
= Often requires no credit checks, but you’ll need to secure the contract and the costs don’t come cheap.

Each comparison page is updated on a frequent basis and there will be a design upgrade for each coming soon. Most comparison sites promote companies who have an affiliate/partner program. They have a habit of leaving out those who don’t or those who have one that performs poorly. Here at Lenders4U the approach is to remain fully independent. In acting impartial we don’t externally link to anyone featured. The known service data is shared so that the user can then make up their own mind. If someone wishes to apply then they can run a query through the Google powered search that is attached below every post. External links are posted here, but this covers citations for news and random rant submissions.

Other Sections

News: A recent addition that reports on the latest news in the financial world. Citations are made if the source is known.

Q&As: Questions from our readers are answered in this section. Some queries are often rephrased to shorten them. You can send your own queries through the contact form.

Random Rants: General postings outside of financial topics. Submissions usually relate to business, movies, sport, trends or web tools. The reason why the random rants area was composed was to scale up the content and to boost up personal interest in the project. Citations are again added.

Other Site Features (Widgets)

Widget A: Down the left hand of the screen you can view the top 2 most popular companies (by profile views) within each niche.

Widget B: At the bottom of each page you can also view stats showing the current leading rates across all sectors.

Widgets only show to desktop users. Those using a phone are shown a custom mobile theme. In the menu for this a “Compare Loans” page is added so that everyone can study the top rates.

Final Notes

The information presented is accurate as of the time of submission. We do often check up on lenders to see if there have been changes. If you are a representative of any company featured then you can suggest edits at any time and we’ll be happy to update. Lenders4U primarily explores high cost lending products. Responsible borrowing is always advised. If you are facing problems with debt then we’d recommend seeking professional help. At the bottom of every page you will find the freephone contact number displayed for StepChange who are a leading debt charity. If you have any questions or suggestions then please use the contact form to reach us.