24/7 and Weekend Payday Loans: What Are Your Options?

Q: Who offers weekend payday loans. If they are open 24 7 that would be beneficial? (shortened for title) ~ Jan, London.

Notice: Since this question was posted, 24/7 support has been cut from the lenders discussed. An updated page will follow soon.

We pay a lot of attention here to weekend payday loans (plus other subprime product types). We feel that it is important to be able to access cash whenever you need it. Perhaps an emergency at home has taken place and you need to fix your car or your washing machine. Or maybe you have received a call from a friend heading into town and a night out is on the cards. Whatever the reason happens to be, the sign of an efficient loan company is one that grants fast cash in minutes no matter when the request is made. For a long time this wasn’t possible with most companies out there.

Many have tended to generally stick at standard working hours between Monday and Friday. Weekend payday loans have however started to become more common in recent years. This has a lot to do with the competitive landscape of the industry whereby newcomers are aiming to create efficient services that can compete with the major lenders. Whilst you do see more companies open on Saturdays and Sundays these days, I’m surprised that no one has chosen to imitate the 24/7 operations that you will find at QuickQuid and Wonga. The 24/7 customer service with these majors means that there will always be an advisor there to check over flagged up applications.

Outside of QuickQuid and Wonga, one of our top shouts would go with MyJar. They are open every day of the week, but close at nights. However, once you have borrowed from them you’ll receive a pre-approved loan on the next occasion. You don’t have to re-apply here, you just login and hit a button and the funds will be with you in minutes (no later than a few hours depending on your bank). 247Moneybox is another lender that promotes funding around the clock to existing customers. We aren’t quite sure how automatic their system is though and should there be a hiccup their support staff won’t be around until Monday morning.

If you browse our comparison pages you will find listed all of the opening days and the specific times for each lender. As well as payday, don’t forget to check out the instalment companies as well, since a fair few of these offer weekend loans. To add to this, we will soon compose lists of lenders open on Saturdays and Sundays, but for now we would simply advise you to search our comparison listings. From the top of my head, a few shouts for notable companies that trade 7/7 would be Lending Stream, Mr Lender, Peachy and Sunny. Pounds to Pocket (same team behind QuickQuid) is another 24/7 lender.

The Pounds to Pocket term range is much larger between 6 and 12 months, but you can settle at any earlier point. We will certainly be focussing more on submissions surrounding operational days and times in the near future. Now that short terms firms have been hit with price capping, you will tend to find that most charge the same 0.8% daily rate and so it is other service features that can make all the difference these days. Receiving quick weekend payday loans itself is one of the top standout features. It helps of course that all lenders now issue FPS transfers that can hit your account within just minutes of being sent.