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Winners List: Credit Strategy’s Credit Awards

Credit Strategy's Credit Awards

Last Update: November 25th, 2016

To begin with some background information, Credit Strategy is a recent rebrand of Credit Today that went through a few months into 2016. They have now moved over to www.creditstrategy.co.uk. This change was sparked as a result of Shard Media Group Ltd acquiring the owner (Athene Publishing Ltd) earlier in the year. Athene has operated through events, magazines, web properties etc. The Credit Strategy Magazine started out in 1998 and it is today the industry leader, reporting on commercial and consumer credit. This magazine has a headed average circulation of 10,000 and a readership of 38,000. Their website that reports on current goings on in the industry is popular with professionals working in the financial sectors.


Unbolted Store Loans | www.unbolted.com

Last Update: November 22nd, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Unbolted Store LoansUnbolted is a brand from Open Access Finance Ltd that has been operating through www.unbolted.com since November 2014. They have tended to fly under the radar since launch, although we have noticed increased ad spends throughout 2016. They were also discussed in an article from The Guardian back in 2015. In this article they were headed as a Wonga-style pawnbroker. I think this is a daft headline to call, since they target high-end goods only and so they are never going to appeal to the mainstream. We have grouped this firm in the pawnbroker store loan category, but they do only have a single office that you can visit in London.


Borro Store Loans | www.borro.com

Last Update: November 22nd, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Borro Store LoansBorro was launched in the UK back in the summer of 2008. Their local office is situated in London, whilst in recent years they have expanded to the United States with offices in Los Angeles and New York. There are 3 products available through www.borro.com. The one of interest here is luxury asset bridging loans. Then there is luxury asset sale advance and property finance. This is primarily an online service, but you can complete in person at their office that would be the advised route. This posh pawnbroker is seeking such collateral as fine art and wine, jewellery, property, luxury cars, watches etc. They can lend up to £3 million per asset.


Best Value Sectors:

1) Banking: Sainsbury’s @ 0.004%
2) Finance (P): B/H/L @ 4.6%
3) 12 Month (P): First Direct @ 0.011%
4) Finance (Sub): Advantage @ 29.26%
5) Guarantor: UK Credit @ 0.053%
6) 12 Month (Sub): Likely @ 0.063%
7) Logbook: Car Loan Centre @ 0.108%
8) Instalment: Fair Finance @ 0.165%
9) Doorstep: Mutual @ 0.165%
10) Payday: Drafty: @ 0.180%
11) Short-Term: Drafty @ 0.180%

* Daily interest to 3DP
* Finance rates shown as APR
* (P) = Prime | (Sub) = Subprime
* Sainsbury’s leading rate is 3.1% APR.

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