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Ocean Finance Credit Cards | www.oceanfinance.co.uk

Last Update: July 15th, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Ocean Finance Credit CardsThe Ocean Finance brand from Intelligent Lending was previously introduced for their personal loans that are provided by R Raphael & Sons. The Ocean credit card joins this on the same site at www.oceanfinance.co.uk. The lender for this MasterCard is Capital One. Whilst loans have made up the bulk of their business interests over the years, it is their card that is much more popular today. Its growth saw a huge spike when they turned to TV ad campaigning. Luma is another product that uses the same lender that also advertises to the nation. The interest rate here is however 34.9% (34.94%) whilst Luma is 1% higher at 35.9% (35.94%). Every other feature is matched.


Argos Credit Cards | www.argoscredit-card.co.uk

Last Update: July 15th, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Argos Credit CardsArgos is one of the UK’s leading retailers with a commanding high street presence of 845 stores. In the future, it does appear likely that around 200 of these may be closing when Sainsbury’s takes control. This company has been part of the Home Retail Group who are also well known for Homebase. This retailer was formed in 1973 although their origins date back further to 1958 through Green Shield Stamps (the GSS stores and warehouses were rebranded). Things get a little confusing when it comes to the Argos credit card that is not to be confused with the Argos Card that is for store purchases only. This is priced at 29.9% with an impressive buy now pay later promotion.


Black Diamond Credit Cards | www.blackdiamondcreditcards.co.uk

Last Update: July 15th, 2016

Alternatives Submission:
Black Diamond Credit CardsThe Black Diamond credit card was originally released by Vanquis. It has been around for a long time, but it is tricky to pinpoint the background since it is now only available from a broker, with Vanquis now issuing the cards rather than holding complete control. The website where it is now promoted is www.blackdiamondcreditcards.co.uk that was registered back in early 2012. The noted broker is Credit Benefit Services Llc who is an American company with a local base in Portsmouth. They have been involved in a number of projects such as the Rise and Shout credit cards that have each now been closed for new applications. Each of these were issued by R Raphael & Sons.


Best Value Sectors:

1) Banking: Sainsbury’s @ 0.047%
2) Finance (P): B/H/L @ 4.6%
3) 12 Month (P): First Direct @ 0.011%
4) Finance (Sub): Advantage @ 29.26%
5) Guarantor: UK Credit @ 0.053%
6) 12 Month (Sub): Likely @ 0.063%
7) Logbook: Car Loan Centre @ 0.108%
8) Instalment: MHF @ 0.120%
9) Doorstep: Mutual @ 0.165%
10) Payday: Vivus: @ 0.400%
11) Short-Term: MyKredit @ 0.500%

* Daily interest to 3DP
* Finance rates shown as APR
* (P) = Prime | (Sub) = Subprime
* Sainsbury’s leading rate is 3.3% APR.

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